Have you ever held your Bible and just randomly flipped to a page asking God to guide you to the scripture He wants you to read?  I do this all of the time!  Seriously.  And EVERY.SINGLE.TIME He speaks to me directly through scripture.  (in fact it came up in my TimeHop that 2 years ago I had done this very same thing and heard God speaking to me through scripture)

This morning He directed me to Habakkuk.  I have to be honest. I have never studied Habakkuk.  So when I open my Bible I am thinking, “Lord.  Is this really where you want me to start at this morning?”  However, as soon as I started reading I knew this was exactly where He wanted me.

You see Habakkuk asked God questions.

Here lately I too have been asking God questions.  I worry that I am questioning Him too much, but then I read that Habakkuk felt free to ask questions, even to God.  We have the same freedom.  When circumstances around us or within us seem unbearable, we can remember that God is in control.  He does care, and He wants us to come to him with our doubts.  It is often during times of doubt that we surge forward.  In these times of honest confusion we are better able to recognize our helplessness and entrust our life to God

We live—REALLY LIVE—-by trusting God.

In all of my confusion, I definitely trust God.  Without a doubt.  The confusion comes not from lack of trust, but more from me.  Am I hearing God right?

You see sometimes the path is so clear, but sometimes there is a fork in the road.  The fork is where I am.

So I continue reading when I come upon
Habakkuk 1:5  “For I am doing something in your own day, something you wouldn’t believe even if someone told you about it.”

My God is capable of more than I could EVER imagine.  Even when we can not see His plans.

I will continue to trust in Him and excitedly follow along the path He has laid out for me even if I have no idea where it is going. 🙂

Written by Crystal

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