I have been studying King Solomon over the past few weeks.  As I was reading about the Temple and Palace that King Solomon built I was not sure how I would be able to apply it to my life.
I kept reading and taking notes when it suddenly dawned on me……….

“Building a temple to serve our most amazing God, one that will glorify and honor Him, takes time.”

So many times throughout our career we can only see the Right Now.
The faster we grow our business the more money we will make and the quicker we can get to the top.

The problem with that is that we are not building it on a solid foundation.

I realized this early on in my career as a Network Marketer.  I LOVED the products I was promoting and I knew the opportunity was like none other.  I was shouting it from the rooftops.  Telling EVERYONE about what I  had my hands on.

“Why in the world would  you not want to be a part of this.  Do you have any idea what this opportunity/product can do for you?  For your family?  For your future?”

In the beginning I was running off of pure excitement and adrenaline.  Anyone that even had a slight interest… I was bringing them on board, and I grew FAST!  Before I knew it I had reached the leadership level with my company and had earned a HUGE bonus!  But you know what happens when God is not at the center of your temple?  When you starting adding anyone just so you can grow?  It starts to crumble.

You see I was building this organization.  I was excited.  I wanted everyone to experience the vision that I was seeing.  The possibilities.  The future.  I wasn’t just doing it for me, I truly wanted to help them as well.  Together we could do this. Together we could experience a life like we could only have  imagined before.  However, I never slowed down enough to see what God wanted.  Or who HE wanted to help me build it.  I was just adding people in left and right.

Think about this.  As Solomon started to build his palace he had a plan.  He didn’t just go in and start gathering stones. Placing them here and there.  Not worrying about the size or stability of the stones.  He had a very thought out plan.

We are told in 1st Kings 7:9
9From foundation to eaves, all these buildings were built from huge blocks of high-quality stone, cut with saws and trimmed to exact measure on all sides. 10Some of the huge foundation stones were 15 feet long, and some were 12 feet long.

Imagine the precision that went into this palace.  15 foot stones!!!!!  WoW!  Once it was built it was STRONG and STABLE.


Because you see it took him 13 years to complete!  13 years to complete this palace and 7 years to compete the temple!  WHAT????!!!!!!!!

He didn’t rush through it.  He didn’t just put in any stone or any pillars.  He was careful in his choosing and only chose the best.  And it took TIME!

So often we want it RIGHT NOW instead of allowing God to work through us.  When God works through us it is going to take time.

I have now realized that it doesn’t matter if it takes me 7 years or 17 to build this organization.  It will be built on a strong foundation.  A foundation of believers.  A foundation of men and women of faith who are wanting to make a difference in this world.  A foundation of people that are seeking God’s will and direction.  And with God’s help WE will build a temple (team/organization) that honors and glorifies HIM!  No matter how long it takes us.


Written by Crystal

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