Last Friday at about this time God has laid it upon my heart to take a break from Social Media.  I KNEW this wasn’t going to be easy.  My phone is attached to me at all times.  I work my business primarily through Facebook and Instagram.  However, I knew that when God asks me to do something He has good reasons.  So at 5:00pm on Friday, November 6th I shut ‘er down.  I uninstalled it from my phone and turned my phone off completely.


What did I just do?  What if I am needed?  What if I have a customer that is trying to change their order and they can’t get a hold of me?  What if one of my team mates need help?  What if I miss out on a birth or death or ………… the latest FB drama????  Can I really do this all weekend?????

School work was done so myself and the kids decided to go into the woods.  You guys I didn’t even bring my phone to take pictures!!!  GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
It had been raining all week so the ground was wet and muddy.  Our intentions were to start gathering wood and materials to build a shelter.  Because we love Survivor Man, Dual Survival, Naked and Afraid and shows like that we knew that we had everything it took to get this shelter up in no time.  Well…… was a little harder than we thought it would be.  So instead we started gathering materials for a fire.  Did you know that it is nearly impossible to start a fire when it has been raining.  EVEN with matches??  Yeah, true story.  So after many failed attempts we decide to forgo this mission and travel West (or maybe it was East.  Actually all I know it that it was up that hill).

We come upon what looks like a sink hole FULL of old stuff.  There was a dryer (it was so cool.  I tried to dig it out, but it was buried really far down) , LOTS of old bottles, LOTS of old Budweiser cans (I totally just used the old frog voice from the commercial to be sure I spelt that right.  BUD-WEI-SER), old dishes, all kinds of stuff.  We spent the next 45 minutes digging and seeing what all we could  find.  We had the best time.

After that we walk back to the house.  Give the dogs a bath and settle in for a movie.  I actually watched the entire movie!  I wasn’t constantly checking my phone, returning emails, or sending out IG posts, but actually watching the movie with my family.  I can not tell you the last time I did that!

On Sunday evening my Social Media fast was coming to an end (I had already obligated myself to a Virtual Party).  As the time was ticking closer and closer to 5pm I found myself wishing I had more time.  We had just had the most incredible weekend.

What was going to happen when I sign back on at 5:00pm.  Would things be different now?  Or would I get sucked right back into it like I had before?

At first it was pretty easy.  I had an online party to host so I was more focused on getting that prepared.  But then it happened.  I started…………scrolling.  Oh why did I have to scroll?  And then it happened!  Someone was complaining about this.  Someone else messages me about wanting to quit the business.  Someone else is asking for prayer for a sick loved one.  Someone else is smiling next to their gorgeous new dream home that they were able to pay for thanks to their work from home job.  And there I am in tears.  Why did I do this to myself?  This weekend was full of so much joy.  Why did I get back on only to bring myself down.  You see when we get on social media there are several things we see.  Here are a few topics that my Facebook friends said they see when they log on.

Family/Friends Photos
Network marketing posts
Kids pictures

For the most part, most of us show our highlight reel on Facebook.  So you may see the picture of my kids snuggled up next to each other watching a movie, but what you didn’t see was me screaming at them 15 minutes later because they just won’t get along!!! 
Or you may see me having the luxury of working from my laptop while my kids play outside, but what you don’t see is the 3rd distributor that day who just messaged me that they are ready to give up.  That this “just isn’t for me.”

You see most of the time when we log onto Facebook we aren’t getting the whole picture.
Our Facebook timeline’s enhance our image, we post pictures that make us more attractive, we list our accomplishments, and omit our failures to boost self-esteem.
Going on Facebook makes us end up envying more people.  Studies show that going on Facebook tends to depress people.

What if God were on Facebook. What would his look like? And what if He approached Facebook the way we do?  Thank God we are called to seek his face and not his Facebook.

So why do we feel the need to be on Facebook all of the time anyway?  I have heard it called before as FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).  I know this is definitely true for me.   As a society we have an incredible hunger for more.  We need to be in the know at all times.  You know it is true.

The God we serve is able to do immeasurably MORE than anything that we can ask or imagine.

We should strive to make our lives count for the sake of others. If we forget ,for the sake of others, then our search for more turns into another doomed attempt at an impressive Facebook post.

Stop obsessing over self-advancement and look instead for opportunities to love.
Love finds doors that ambition never could.

Next time you log onto Facebook, try to see how you can love on others, instead of how you can highlight yourself.  When we love others it makes God happy.  I mean didn’t He say that the GREATEST commandment of them all was to Love God and Love Others?
Let’s give it a whirl.  What do you say?

Written by Crystal

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