My name is Jeremiah and this is the story of my mom.
I have been in and out of foster care for most of my life.  It all started when my mom got pregnant at 12 years old.  You know her.  You have seen her in the city.  She is the one that is not even old enough to get a job, much less have children.  She is the one that yelled and screamed at me and my sisters at the store.  You heard her cuss at me and call me bad names.  She was the one that you gave ugly looks to and talked about under your breathe, but never stepped in to see if I was ok.  However,  what you don’t know is what all she has been through.

At a very early age she was being raped by every man that came in her house.  Multiple times a day.  She was cussed at and abused by her own mom.  She was thrown against the wall and knocked unconscious when she told that man that “she didn’t want to anymore.”  She never got to go to school.  She never got to be a normal child.  Her every day consisted of abuse in ways that you could never even imagine.  She did not know love.  So how is she to know how to love me?
I also have 2 sisters.  Yes.  That 12 year old scared, little girl was now the mom of 3 children.  You gave her such bad looks.  You called her a “whore”, you rolled your eyes at her and wondered why “my tax dollars” are supporting someone who obviously can’t keep her legs closed!  You remember her now don’t you.  Your blood would boil just thinking about “people like that.”   So do you have the image of her now? Can you see her?
Well now let’s talk about my mom before she was born.  She was the one that YOU fought so hard for to be born.  YOU protested endlessly in front of clinics.  YOU were outraged that ANYONE could kill an unborn child.  YOU will go to your grave defending these poor innocent babies that can not defend themselves.
Where did you go?  Why did you fight so hard for her before she was born, but once she was here you were gone?  Why would you work so hard to make sure she had every right while in the womb and you would be her voice then, but you are silent now?
What if you would have put just 1/2 of the effort into her as a baby as you did her as a fetus?  Maybe she wouldn’t have had to suffer all of the abuse, rape and horrendous acts of violence that she did as a little girl.  Maybe she would have been able to live a life like you do.  Safe in your air conditioned home. Enjoying meals around the table as a family.  Laughing, smiling, dancing.  Instead, you turned your back on her.  So now she hides in her closet fearing the sound of the boots walking down the hall.  Wondering which man it will be today.  Wondering if it will be over with soon.  Wondering if today may be her last because she just wants it to all end!
My mom was that baby that YOU forgot about.  And now that baby has had 3 more babies.  3 more that YOU fought for in the womb.  3 more that YOU defended.  3 more that YOU were the voice for.  3 more that you protested for!  And then 3 more that YOU left alone.  So what will happen to us now?  Where does our story go from here?  Stay tuned.


Written by Crystal

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