How do we know what our purpose is?  How do we know what God is leading us to do?

I know for a fact that God put my business into my life.  For without it,  I would not have met so many amazing people.  I would not have found some of my BESTEST friends.  I would not have the opportunity to home school my children or begin the journey of becoming a foster parent.

However, about a month ago God was telling me to put on the brakes.  I didn’t know what this meant.

“Lord, are you asking me to quit?  I can’t imagine that you want me to give this all up.  All that I have worked for these last 3 years.  The relationships I have built.  The friendships I have made.  The lives that I have been able to help change.  But Lord, if this is what you are asking I will do it.  I will surrender my business to you.”

Then I started going through so many different scenarios.

This business was the vehicle, but not the purpose.
It opened up so many possibilities, but it is not where I am to stay.
I have helped so many, but there is far more of this world that I am to help in many other ways.
My work is done with this company, and now God wants me somewhere else.

“But what is it God?  If you want me to step away, where are you leading me?”

Then I heard Him say “Trust me my child.  Just trust me.”

I cried.  And cried.  And cried.  I reached out to several people because I know that He uses others to speak through Him to me as well.  And I got many different words of advice.

And I was still so confused.

“Lord, if you want me to give it up and move on I will, but I don’t want to do this if this is not what you are asking of me.  Please Lord show me if this is what you are asking.” 

You guys the confusion weighed on me so hard.  I just didn’t know which way He was leading me.

I will follow, but I need a clear path.  There is a fork in the road.  Which one do I chose?

I wasn’t getting a clear answer.  I was not at peace about either road.  So I began studying.  I have done so many different Bible studies in the past few weeks and have listened to so many different motivational speakers (my favorite being Les Brown).  LOVE HIM!!

In them all I hear God telling me “I want you to Worship ME through your WORK.”
*Which is where the name of my blog came to fruition.
You see the problem all along was not that God wanted me to “give up” or “move on”.  He just wanted me to realize that HE was not in my business at all.
Of course I prayed about my business all of them time.  I prayed for my business partners and their business.  I gave the glory to God for what was happening in our businesses.  I acknowledged that everything is possible through Christ who gives us strength, BUT I had missed the whole point.  I was not WORSHIPING THROUGH MY WORK.

Don’t miss that!  I WAS NOT WORSHIPING through my work!  There is a difference between praying to God about your work and worshiping Him through your work.

How do you worship through a health and wellness company?
Well I don’t have all of the answers yet, but my God does and He is showing me the way.
This may mean that I don’t hit that Double by December and Triple Diamond promotion by February like I was hoping for, but my God has MUCH bigger plans for me.

During one of my readings God lead me to Habakkuk 1 and the verse that stood out to me was:

The Lord replied,

“Look around at the nations;
    look and be amazed!
For I am doing something in your own day,
    something you wouldn’t believe
    even if someone told you about it.”

“Lord, this has been a struggle for me.  I knew that you were leading me somewhere, but I just wasn’t sure the direction.  I knew that if I would just trust you then you would eventually show me the way.  Thank you Lord for showing me the way.  From now on I will not spend more time on my business than with you and when I am working I will be sure that all I do is to glorify you!  For you are my one and only Leader.  YOU are the leader of my business, not me.  Thank you for this “break” that you have given me and all of the resources that you have sent my way.  Thank you for the friends that have been there to help me through this and the friends that have prayed.  Thank you for opening my eyes. 
I trust you God.  I trust you!  I know that you are working on something that I wouldn’t be able to comprehend even if someone told me.  I am giddy just thinking about it.  Bless my business Lord and all of those that are in it.  In Jesus name I pray, Amen.”




Written by Crystal

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