I did something today that I have been putting off for days.  I knew that God was telling me to get rid of my dream board and honestly I just didn’t know if I could.  It meant so much to me.  I looked at it and I saw the future.  Or what I had hoped was the future.

The thing is.  There wasn’t anything INSANE on there.  I mean.  Let’s take a look at it and let me justify my dream board.  Shall we?

Our dream home.  I have literally visualized our dream home for years!  From driving down the long gravel road.  Seeing the horses in the field to the side.  The kids playing out back.  Wrap around porch.  Lots of memories were going to be made here.  Lots of friends, family and entertaining.  I could literally SEE the home.  Our home.

Travel.  Not just Disney and the Bahamas.  But really traveling.  I can see us as a family loaded up in a RV and traveling all over experiencing all of Gods wonderful creations.  There are so many amazing places that we have not seen and that I would love to experience that with my family.

Planes.  So David mentioned one time that he would love to learn how to fly a plane.  So why wouldn’t I add that in there.  🙂

Horses.  You guys Avery has wanted horses for as long as I can remember.  I don’t care what I have to do, before that kid graduates we WILL own horses.

Tim Tebow.  Wha?????????  Ok.  So I don’t actually want Tim Tebow, lol, but I envision Avery as being like him.   Christ Follower.  Standing up for what he believes in.  Loves football and come on, the dude was homeschooled too!  How awesome is that????

That baby.  Oh that baby in the middle just brings tears to my eyes.  You see.  That baby could be ANY baby.  That baby right now could be neglected while his mom is so high she doesn’t even hear his cries.  That baby could be moments from death from an abusive man in his life.  That baby could be struggling to hang on to life because his mom cared more about drugs, alcohol and men than she did that baby growing inside her.  That baby makes me want to do and be more.   To be a voice for HIM!

Change lives.  Adventure.  Discover.

You see, they are all justifiable.  Right?  But I hear God saying no!
You are more worried about when you will build your “Dream Home” than being happy with the home you have now.   Do you realize there are  children out there that don’t even have a blanket to cover  up with and you are dreaming for a log cabin with a wrap around porch and a shower as big as a closet.  REALLY???????????

You see it is not about the things on the dream board, but about how we constantly obsess over them.  You guys I wanted a new home more than anything.  Even to the point of envisioning it EVERYDAY.  The Law of Attraction, right?  

When I finally heard God say “Throw away the dream board.  Forget about the new house.  Be happy with what you have.  There are others out there that wish they had 1/3 of what you have.  Do you realize what is going on in the world? ”

So today I did it.  I took my dream board down and I burned it.  I have tears as I am writing this now.  Not tears because I watched my dreams go up in smoke, but tears because I had gotten so engrossed in what could be that I forgot about what is going on NOW.

I want to be something in this world.  Not simply someone with a brand new beautiful home.  Or the nicest car.  Or the fanciest jewelry.  But someone that makes a difference.






Written by Crystal

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